Vishaag Suriyanarayanan

is a front-end developer based in Sunny Singapore and is passionate about creating elegant and impactful products.

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I hail from the manchester of south india and lived there for the most part of my life. I moved to Singapore when I got the chance to pursue a master's degree at the National University of Singapore which I've recently graduated from.

I have strong experience building web applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript and React among other technologies. I strive to write accessible, performant, tested code and have a good eye for detail. I love to experiment and always keep upto date with new advancements in the field.

I currently work as a front-end developer at BandLab and I've previously worked at Oracle, Beautiful Code & Streetsine SRX.

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Apart from programming, I like conversations around life, purpose, philosophy and travel. In an alternate universe if I hadn't gone into programming, I would've probably become a pizza chef. Here's a picture of the first ever pizza I made last year.

A picture of the first pizza I made last year

I also love the outdoors, although I really don't go out as often as I'd want to, and the current situation isn't making it any easier. Here's a picture of me standing somewhere in Nusa Penida, Indonesia last year in December.

A picture of me standing near a cliff in Nusa Penida, Indonesia